Get LOW with Futura!

Have you been looking for the ultimate car hauler or easy loading lowering trailer? Whether you are a racer, collector, transporter, or have another need for an easy loading trailer solution, we have the trailer for you! Futura Trailers is the ultimate solution for easy loading! Designed and precision engineered using the
highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques then hand assembled, Futura is the clear choice.


The simple, elegant Futura design is backed by clever engineering that allows you to raise and lower the trailer from the driver’s seat. The clean and unique Futura technology with superior materials and techniques has produced a revolutionary lightweight lowering trailer.

Futura Trailer Dealer in Michigan

Why Choose Us

When shopping for a lowering trailer you need to have all the proper specifications that fit your needs. Having the proper size, load capacity, and options matter whether you are a pro racer, weekend HPDE driver, or you just need to haul your classic car, ATV, side by side, or motor cycle. The team at Lowering Trailers of Michigan will make sure you end up with the perfect Futura trailer for you!


Our staff has the knowledge to know what fits your needs.


We use these trailers ourselves! From racing to business use, we actively use various models.


We are open during convenient hours to help.


We have great inventory available so you don’t have to wait!



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